Thursday, December 1, 2011

Kali: The Story!

When I decided to go volunteering at the KAT Centre, I shortly thought of maybe taking back with me one of the dogs from Kathmandu. But as I read about how complicated it was to take dogs from Nepal to Europe, it was pretty clear, that I would not be able to adopt a dog from KAT.

However, we all know, things never turn out as we plan it:

On July the 17th me and Ottavia found Kali at the Pashupatinath temple. And everything changed.

She was all skin and bones, covered in mange and dog bite wounds and did not even look at the food the Saddhus tried to feed her. She looked so pitiful that I simply had to grab her into my rain jacket and take her to the KAT Centre.

after her first bath

The vets gave her medicine and I fed her (because she was so emaciated, she got three bowls of food a day) and kept her company while she was just sitting in her little cardboard box. But with time passing, she grew fatter and startet to come out of her box.

I only realized how big Kali's progress was, when one day she started to play with Winnie! It was so wonderful to see her play! (And I have to admit it, I would adopt Winnie too, if I could. She's a great dog.)

And then, also her hair started to grow. Very slow at first, but as soon as we used oil on her skin, it also grew on her sides and legs.

I loved my little dog, but I knew, that I would have to go back to Switzerland and that Kali would be adopted by some family in Kathmandu. I was going to university and I knew that my studies would be quite hard. There would sure be no time for a dog.
I dreaded the day I would have to leave Kathmandu without her, but I knew that it would probably be the best for her.

One day a woman came to KAT to adopt a dog, and Gregg showed her Kali, in the hope that she would give her a new home. It nearly broke my heart to see this, but I said to myself, that it would be the best for the dog.
And in the same moment I realized, that it would not be okay. And I made a decision: If this woman would adopt Kali, it would be okay and she would stay in Kathmandu. But if not, she would come with me to Switzerland and live with me and my family.

Thanks to all the gods and goddesses, this woman was Ceilidhe Waugh and she had allready fallen in love with Moti, a cute black dog, that just came to KAT a few days earlier. (Read about their story in KAT's latest newletter here) And with her decision, my decision was made too - Kali would come to Switzerland.

But how?

First my dad went to see our veterinary at home, bought a microchip from her and sent it to Kathmandu.
After Kali got the microchip, the vets vaccinated her against rabies.
A month after the vaccination the vets took a blood sample and sent it to a lab in Germany to do the rabies antibody blood test, which is necessary if a dog travels from Nepal to Europe.

With all this done, the most difficult part was yet to come: find someone who was traveling from Kathmandu to somewhere between Milan in Italy and Munich in Germany and was ready to take Kali on his or her flight.

I started to post messages about our search in every possible online forum about Nepal I could find. I hang up posters about Kali and our story in Nepal shops in Switzerland. But I did not get one positive answer. Not one. I was desperate.

But the world is full of wonders, isn't it?

This weekend I recieved an e-mail. Probably the best e-mail I ever recieved in my whole life!

It was from Stefanie Schwarz. She told me, she was going to travel to Kathmandu in January with her friends and that they wanted to spend some time volunteering at the KAT Centre and - and this was by far the best part of the mail - that she would love to take Kali with her on her flight!

I am so happy to have recieved this message! It's so wonderful!
Stefanie and Kali will land on the 20th of April in Munich, Germany! This means, we only have to wait 141 days untill my little Kali will be here with me.

Life is good. But a dog makes it perfect.



// EDIT 14th December:

Unfortunatelly, it seems that all in a sudden there are problems with the airline, so Stefanie can't take Kali with her on her flight. I'm quite sad, but we won't give up and will continue our search...


// EDIT 21st December:

Ottavia found some old photos of Kali and took some new ones today. Thank you so much!

Here they are:
second day at KAT

 And today, December the 21st:

with her best friend Winnie! ^^


  1. Simona, I’m so glad you’re still writing on the KAT Blog! This is such a wonderful, heartwarming story. --Gregg

  2. Lucky Kali that she got so loving friend like you Simona. I hope every dog would get friend like you who cares so much. God bless you Simona.

  3. Good stories always need to be told. I'm allready looking forward when I can post the first photos of Kali in Switzerland!

    Thank you, SoftJunk! Thankfully there are many great people helping animals all over the world. And some of the best help in Kathmandu.

    // Simona

  4. m so so hhappy for kali.. c is lucky indeed//thanks simona and thanks KAT.. u r d best..